BCCI bans breakaway league

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Board of Control for Cricket in India on Wednesday decided to finally issue an official statement on protracted matters such as appointment of a coach and the validity of the Indian Cricket League, thereby putting rest to all the speculations.
While the ICL continues to be a thorn in the BCCI's flesh, the board has decided to advertise for the appointment a new coach.
Much in contrast to what Board president Sharad Pawar said on Tuesday, the BCCI, at its office-bearers meeting, categorically delineated itself from the ICL.
Reading from a written statement, Board vice president Rajiv Shukla said, Every individual has a right to choose whether he wishes to associate himself with the BCCI or any other organisation.
However, he continued, If he chooses to associate himself with any other organisation, he shall not be entitled to derive any benefits from BCCI, or be connected with any of its activities.
No sooner had he completed the sentence, a barrage of questions concerning ICL venues and the status of cricketers and ex-cricketers keen on joining the League followed.
The answer was terse. The statement is self explanatory. No benefits so no venues either.
However Shukla, after constant prodding added, The decision on Kapil Dev will be taken at the AGM. But it will be done in the light of today's decision.
Interestingly, the rumour about the Cricket Club of India being approached by the ICL as a venue for its proposed Twenty20 tournament too was put to rest with a Twenty20 international coming its way.
The Twenty20 international against Australia on October 20 will be held at the CCI in Mumbai, said Shukla.
The coach issue too seems to be resolved to some extent, with the BCCI deciding to come up with a newspaper advertisement within a weeks time.
We expect to make an appointment soon after that, said Shukla, without specifying a time frame.
However, the post of interim coach (read manager) will be taken over by Lalchand Rajput from veteran Chandu Borde for the Twenty20 World Championships in South Africa.
The 45-year old present India U-19 coach will be assisted by Robin Singh and Venkatesh Prasad, who will continue to look after the fielding and bowling departments respectively.
With the more pressing issues having dealt with, the Board went into a philanthropic mood. The Board has decided to open a new national cricket academy in Bangalore. The Karnataka government has already allotted us 30 acres land for that, Shukla said.